Festival 2009 October 1 @ Solaris

Eating the Invaders

Six members of this North Carolina based band, piled into my kitchen elbow to knee and performed “Carpet and Tile,” from their upcoming EP Elbows up, Strings Down. Eating the Invaders usually rocks it out, plugged in, gritty with a sound that alludes to a strong Piedmont-based musical heritage and something new, dissonant and tangential. Its members have performed in countless bands over the past decade and are well-known by their accomplished peers.

Matty Sheets’ lyrics often have the hook of a great narrative and the succinct beauty of a haiku. “Carpet and Tile,” written one particularly dark evening inside the Greensboro Inn, a place you end up and not choose, is tactile music and perhaps foreshadows more great songs to come.

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125 Summit Ave Greensboro, NC