Festival 2009 October 1 @ Solaris

Now You See Them

Now You See Them, a quirk-pop trio often seen on Asheville’s street corners, manages to always look as though they’re in the middle of avideo. A cool video from the short-lived-yet-golden-age of MTV: One in which they stand on a ratty piece of Oriental carpet and play their hearts out in real time while scenes from the street and farmer’s market and smoky hipster club flash by in fast-motion.

Playing Save the Monkeywhale Festival - October 1, 2009

In reality, the band is pretty low-tech. They play acoustic instruments (Shane Conerty on vocals, guitar and ukulele; Jason Mencer on a makeshift drum kit consisting of a djembe and tambourine played with brushes; Dulci on vocals, guitar and melodica) that can be amped but produce more or less the same sounds in the great outdoors as within the confines of a club. And Now You See Them sounds pretty much the same in either location, which is to say, wherever they go, they sound like themselves.

credit: mountainx.com

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125 Summit Ave Greensboro, NC