Here’s another great band from Asheville, North Carolina. They’ve played Bonaroo and Bele Chere with all manner of great musicians and artists. They’re also playing as part of the Save the Monkeywhale Festival in Greensboro, NC alongside some of Greensboro’s finest (October 1st, 2nd and 3rd). Signed to the Nine Mile Records Label out of Austin, Texas (a model music town with a vibrant arts scene and home to the hugely popular South by Southwest music festival) the band just released their new album, Warm People. This particular song was one of three they played in the kitchen unprocessed or filtered. What you’re hearing is their live performance without affect. This band puts on one heck of a show.

Praise for Stephaniesid:

“Although generally referred to as an indie-pop band, their sound is actually far more complex and compelling than that genre label implies. Starting off as a darkly bittersweet piano-bar duo (with Chuck Lichtenberger playing piano and Stephanie Morgan singing), the group has since expanded to a full band and become one of the most interesting, experimental and creatively edgy acts…. and [they support] the local scene through efforts like the POPAsheville music festival (formerly known as IdFest). [They] may be one of the defining Asheville-based music acts of this era.”
–Steve Shanafelt, Mountain Xpress

Stephaniesid on Stephaniesid:

Stephaniesid is indie pop revelry! The foundation is Stephanie (lead vox, guitar, synth) and Chuck (keys, bass pedals, backing vox), and a drummer (currently the fabulous Tim Haney), and sometimes we’re able to bring Matthew on vibraphone and Jacob and Justin on horns, or singers, or other folks we like to make music with. We always play with heart and lust and gusto, because there’s no point in doing anything else. We care about people and things. We often brood about them. But not for terribly long, as there is no gain in taking the human condition too seriously. The music, like life itself, is striving, searching, inconclusive, and (hopefully) beautiful.

We’d also like to add that they were all terribly good natured and fun to be around.

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2115 Walker Ave. Greensboro, NC