Festival 2009 October 1 @ Solaris Lineup

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Also Hailing from Greensboro, NC, their album, So Long I Screamed, just released all over the country in Japan with great reviews.
“Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s exploration of styles occurs in a coherent and exciting framework, not a gratuitous display or hodgepodge. Their exciting, polyglot arrangements make perfect musical sense.” -Sarah Hall, Salisbury Post


Eating the Invaders

Six members of this North Carolina based band, piled into my kitchen elbow to knee and performed “Carpet and Tile,” from their upcoming EP Elbows up, Strings Down. Eating the Invaders usually rocks it out, plugged in, gritty with a sound that alludes to a strong Piedmont-based musical heritage and something new, dissonant and tangential. [...]


Now You See Them

Now You See Them, a quirk-pop trio often seen on Asheville’s street corners, manages to always look as though they’re in the middle of avideo. A cool video from the short-lived-yet-golden-age of MTV: One in which they stand on a ratty piece of Oriental carpet and play their hearts out in real time while scenes [...]