House of Fools

- photo by Emily Brown
Rhythmically solid collectivity and well orchestrated country-influenced pop cadence flow through all fourteen tracks exceptionally… Live and Learn is gorgeous… The perfect soundtrack to warm Southern days, so graciously peppered with hints of The Beatles and The Format…

Amelia’s Mechanics featuring Jim Avett

Greensboro’s own Amelia’s Mechanics delivers ear candy that just about anyone can enjoy. Inspired by the disappearance of Amelia Earhardt, the 3 woman band delivers a self-proclaimed “vintage country with a moonshine concerto” sound, the perfect soundtrack for Southern summer nights.
-Nicole Gabrielle


A star for the new year. Sirius.B, self-proclaimed Gypsy Absurdist Metal Folk Funk Punk are based out of Asheville, NC. They packed themselves into their van and drove a total of 6 hours to play in this kitchen. Not only did I end up having a Young Ones quotation match with the Charango player but [...]


Here’s another great band from Asheville, North Carolina. They’ve played Bonaroo and Bele Chere with all manner of great musicians and artists. They’re also playing as part of the Save the Monkeywhale Festival in Greensboro, NC alongside some of Greensboro’s finest (October 1st, 2nd and 3rd). Signed to the Nine Mile Records Label out of [...]

The Alcazar Hotel featuring Katharine Whalen

This trio from Chapel Hill not only craft great songs, but they make for excellent company and didn’t complain at all when I pointed thousand degree lights in their faces. Oddly, Will Dawson didn’t sweat at all and I’ve been informed by my more conspiratorial friends that that is a sign of a xenoform taking [...]

Bruce Piephoff

Bruce Piephoff shows a mastery of folk here that anyone in the world would envy. He knows exactly how it relates to blues. He knows that a folk artist should never hesitate to express the most educated thoughts and sophisticated sentiments with contractions and colloquialisms.
-Arthur Shuey

Martha Bassett Band

North Carolinians have known Martha’s music for some time now, but in the past couple of years, she’s been finding a new audience throughout the southeast due to increased touring, her work on the Sony Classics film JUNEBUG, festival appearances, and numerous articles in the press.
Martha and her band have opened for Lyle Lovett, played [...]

Sam Frazier

Musicians in Greensboro know Sam Frazier. He’s been playing music for decades with the likes of Scott “Scooter” Manring, Bruce Piephoff, David Driveway Moore, Walrus, the boys from Bus Stop, Tornado, Martha Bassett, Laurelyn Dossett, along with his own band, The Sam Frazier Band and the Hall Monitors with Lisa Dames.
He’s currently working on recording [...]


Filthybird is currently recording a new album following their debut Southern Skies at the aptly named, Pinebox Recording Studio. There’s a sense of hopeful decay in these songs that stay with you long after the melody transitions to silence, like kudzu on a long forgotten telegraph pole.

The Never

The Never. Another great band to emerge from the Trekky Records Collective.
The Never are currently touring in support of the release of their second long player album, entitled ANTARCTICA. It’s a storybook album: a full length CD literally coupled with a fully illustrated storybook by guitarist Noah Smith. The story is centered around a young, [...]


Citified, a 4 member Shoegazer rock band took time out on a sunday to drink beer and play acoustically in this kitchen. Initially Chris suggested we use pre recorded music as Citified’s sound is about reverb and melodic noise which isn’t necessarily translatable in an acoustic medium, but after seeing the results with Eating [...]

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Also Hailing from Greensboro, NC, their album, So Long I Screamed, just released all over the country in Japan with great reviews.
“Holy Ghost Tent Revival’s exploration of styles occurs in a coherent and exciting framework, not a gratuitous display or hodgepodge. Their exciting, polyglot arrangements make perfect musical sense.” -Sarah Hall, Salisbury Post

Eating the Invaders

Six members of this North Carolina based band, piled into my kitchen elbow to knee and performed “Carpet and Tile,” from their upcoming EP Elbows up, Strings Down. Eating the Invaders usually rocks it out, plugged in, gritty with a sound that alludes to a strong Piedmont-based musical heritage and something new, dissonant and tangential. [...]

Now You See Them

Now You See Them, a quirk-pop trio often seen on Asheville’s street corners, manages to always look as though they’re in the middle of avideo. A cool video from the short-lived-yet-golden-age of MTV: One in which they stand on a ratty piece of Oriental carpet and play their hearts out in real time while scenes [...]